Thursday, December 17, 2015


My boys LOVE the snow.  I love it... as long as there is nowhere that I have to be.  If I can sit in the house, watch Hallmark Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate....the snow is great!

Here are some pictures of our first 'real' snowstorm of the year....probably about 3 inches ....or so.

The youngest started building a snowman, when the snowball got too heavy for him to push, he enlisted his dad for help.

And....a brother to help.
Next....all of the boys worked together on a snow fort around the trampoline.

Then a snowball fight happened with the neighbors across the fence.

And finally.....they all worked together on a bigger and better snowman.

9 foot tall snowman.....known around here as Shaquille Snow'Neal.

It was a fun, day!!
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