Monday, May 23, 2011

A simple, favorite after-school snack

My kids LOVE strawberries. They will literally sit down and eat one or two pounds each, if I let them. They were SO happy to see these waiting for on the table for them after school the other day. So simple and delicious.

My local grocery store had reddi-wip(is that what it's called?) whip cream in the can, and strawberries on sale. I brought them home, sliced a small piece off the bottom of the strawberry(so that it would stand up on the plate). Then I cut the top of the strawberry off, leaving a v-shaped hole to fill with the whip cream. Fun and just sweet enough.

yum, yum...we will definitely be snacking on these all summer long.
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  1. PERFECT! My girls LOVE strawberries and reddi whip is a huge hit too :) thanks for the simple idea I had never thought of!

  2. Simple but cute idea! Love it. Positive vibes....


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