Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Southwest Chicken Sandwich

My Sister told me about this sandwich. She ordered something similar at a restaurant and told me how wonderful it was! I LOVE everything in this sandwich!! She told me it was called the Southwest Chicken Sandwich at the restaurant and since I thought the Green chili, Cream cheese, Pepper Jack cheese, Chicken sandwich would be way too long of a name....I decided to just call it the Southwest Chicken Sandwich also. This sandwich is simple and SO yummy!! I bought my roasted whole green chilies in the produce section of my local grocery store, but you can always roast your own green chilies, it's pretty easy...maybe there will be a post to come about roasting peppers. Let me know if any of you would like one.

Southwest Chicken Sandwich
  • Boneless, skinless Chicken Breast (pounded to desired thickness)
  • Roasted Green Chili
  • Cream Cheese, sliced
  • Pepper Jack Cheese, sliced
  • Buns (I used homemade)

Directions: Season chicken(I used Lawry's seasoning salt and seasoning pepper). Grill chicken until almost cooked through. Place green chili on top of chicken(while still on the grill), then cream cheese, and last pepper jack cheese. Cover and continue to cook until chicken is cooked through and cheese is melting. Place chicken on bun(I like to butter and toast my bun) then top with whatever fixings you like(I just topped mine with lettuce this time and spinach last time I made these.

This sandwich is SO good!! I wish the picture did it justice!!

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  1. YUMMY!! I wish my grocery store sold fresh roasted green chilis! This sandwich is so good! :)

  2. Thank you for posting this. Tonight I made a sandwich inspired by this (I didn't have the right ingredients to make it exact) and it was fantastic tasting. Instead of green chilies I put spicy red pepper relish on the bottom bun, I used a low-fat cream cheese spread on the chicken and swiss instead of the Monterey Jack (the flavour didn't stand out though). I have never made a chicken sandwich before lol. I was so pleased how it turned out :)


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