Friday, July 24, 2015

Utah Summer Games

About a month ago we signed our oldest son up to compete in the Utah Summer Games.  It was such a fun time and a great opportunity for him to compete.  Jake competed in the 400M run, high jump, triple jump and long jump.  While he was there he met a couple of brothers, that he was competing against in the high jump, who invited him to join their 4x100 relay team.  Jake hasn't competed or actually even tried the 400M or the long jump since junior high school and has never competed in the triple jump of the relay. 
He had a great time and did awesome!!
It was HOT, but beautiful!!  
Jake, Hunter and Ryder hanging out in the shade....trying to stay cool
The first day, Friday....Jake was supposed to start high jump in the morning, then start triple jump an hour or two later and then run the 400.  Everything was running so far behind...except for the 400.  SO, he ended up running the 400, ran over to the triple jump did his first 2 jumps, ran over to the high jump and did that, then straight back to finish up at the triple jump.  It was crazy and he was exhausted.
Jake running prelims of the 400M.  He qualified for finals and took 5th overall.  He didn't like running that event very much :)  I tried to get a picture of him in the finals, but just as I was taking pictures a guy walked right in front of the camera.
Triple Jump

High Jump
He ended up first place GOLD in the high jump.  They gave medals to kids as they had time to come get them, so the medal stand rarely had all 3 places on the stand at the same time.
2nd place SILVER in the Triple Jump.
Jake with his cheer squad!!

Jake is totally taller than me now....bittersweet!
Day 2 went much more quickly than day one.  Jake had long jump, 400M finals and the 4x100 relay.
Long Jump
The first place GOLD 4x100M relay team...missing one member that had to go home before they could get their medal.
We had such a great time watching Jake compete and hope to get all of the boys signed up for next year.  The other boys didn't want to sign up to compete....until we got there, then they all wished they were running or jumping.
It was also really fun to see a few friends from my home town.
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