Wednesday, August 5, 2015

1st Day of School 2015

I can't believe that summer vacation is OVER!!!  Summer goes by way to fast every year!! 

Left to right:  Hunter - 7th, Jake - Sophomore, Zac - 4th, and Ryder - 2nd
This year I get to drop the kids off at 4 different schools, makes for a crazy morning :)  Also....this morning....Ryder decided that he DOES NOT like any of his new school shirts!!  So he picked a shirt from last year...or maybe even the year before to wear today.  Whatever makes them happy right? :)
Now some pictures from previous years.....
WOW!!!  This is the best picture I got in 2014.
2011 - I love Ryder's fruit shake mustache in this pic....obviously he wasn't in school yet :)

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