Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chop an Avocado

Today I am going to show you how I chop an avocado...and maybe this is a totally stupid blog post.  Does everyone already chop avocados this way?  Probably, but I thought maybe someone would find it useful. 

We REALLY love avocados at our house and eat them quite often.  I used to cut them in half, spoon each half onto my cutting board and then chop.  Then, I didn't want to dirty another dish(my cutting board), so I just would just cut it in half and squeeze each half into a bowl and then kind of chop it with a fork.  That was great, but had bigger chunks or turned into guacamole.

So now, I cut the avocado in the shell/skin/peel(?).  I cut lines going each direction(be sure not to cut through the outer skin) and then just squeeze the pieces into a bowl.  Works great for us and it is easy to serve and share!

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