Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Family Pictures

 I always think it is fun to see the people whose blogs I read....here a few quick pics of my family :)

The last time we had family pictures taken....was when our oldest boy was 1...can you believe that?  He is 12 now!  I am such a slacker when it comes getting pictures!  One reason I don't like getting family pictures taken(probably the main reason) is because I hate trying to find clothes for my boys that coordinate :)  My boys like jeans and t-shirts...with all kinds of crazy sayings and pictures.  SO...I don't want to spend a bunch of money on shirts that they won't wear again.    I have had family members asking for picture...so I scheduled an appointment with my friend to get them taken.  Of course...the day of pictures I hadn't picked out any outfits.  I decided the boys could all just wear jeans and their white church shirts.  

Some of the shirts were a little small or big and they were all different shades of white...oops.

My friend was very patient taking pictures of these boys:)  We got a lot of the action above...and the 4 year old gave us lots of fun pics showing his personality...below.

I told the boys to wear a white t-shirt under their shirts.  When my oldest came downstairs, you could see Taz and a bunch of other characters showing through his white dress shirt...he said he didn't have any plain white t-shirts....so my husband told him to just put it on backwards...when my friend told us she was going to get a shot from behind...BELOW...I told her she might have to photoshop out some characters.

All-in-all...not SO difficult after all....  Definitely worth getting some good pictures of my favorite people all together.  Better make this an annual tradition!

How often do you get family pictures taken?

When was the last time you had family pictures taken?
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