Thursday, June 4, 2015

Arches National Park with the family

We LOVE Moab, UT!!  ....and we REALLY love hiking and camping in Arches National Park!! 
This year we decided that over spring break we would do some hiking.  We left home and drove ~5 1/2 hours to Arches National Park.  The first day/night we did some back country backpacking.  It was GREAT!!  This was the first time that Zac, Ryder and I have done any backpacking.  It will definitely not be our last :)  The rest of the trip we stayed in a hotel in Moab at night and hiked more of Arches during the day.  We can't wait to go back!!
Below are a few of the hundreds of pictures that I took during our trip.
My 5 handsome boys loading up and getting ready to leave home.
Ready to head out on the trail.
On the trail....broken arch is up on the right.
Part of the trail was pretty sandy :)
When backcountry camping in the park you have to be at least one mile off the main trail and out of view of any arch.  You also have to camp on the sandstone, so bring your sleeping pad!
One of my tent buddies
Watching fun video that my husband took of the kids. It was pretty cool at night.  I forgot my jacket, but remembered my gloves :)  Good thing my husband is so prepared and had an extra jacket that I was able to use.

The view outside of my tent in the morning!  I LOVE it!!
Packed up and leaving our camp site.
Me and Ryan on the trail leaving camp.
The family at Delicate Arch.
The 'brave' boys under Delicate Arch.

We hiked to my favorite of the arches....Double Arch.
I can't wait to go back.  Might have to make it an annual trip!!  So beautiful and the weather was AMAZING over spring break.  This year the jeep safari started the weekend that we left to go home.  It was crazy looking at the line of cars lined up to go into the park.  We never had to wait in line.  I'd say we timed it perfectly....or actually just lucked out...since we had no idea when the jeeps would start to arrive! 
My husband made us some delicious food!!  Including peach cobbler on our little camp stove.  Maybe when we go on our next backpacking trip I will get some pictures of our meals to share with you all!
One last thing...if you are still reading this :).... I know some of the pictures are not very clear, you should be able to click on them and see them larger.
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