Thursday, June 18, 2015

Havasupai - Day Two

So...I told you yesterday(Day One) that friends of ours suggested we get some hammocks to take to Havasupai to sleep in.  We stopped at REI in Flagstaff on the way and got two.  We thought about getting four, but decided to get save money and only get two.  We should have bought four!!  We traded off who got to sleep in the hammocks.  Ryan and I let the boys sleep in them the first night and they slept great.  Ryan and I on the other hand....not so much. 

We slept on the ground.  We had a tarp down, then our sleeping pads, a sheet and a fleece blanket to cover us.  I probably would have slept fine, but after seeing a scorpion, snake, squirrels, lizards, mice and bugs during the day....I was nervous about what might be crawling around me.  The wind blew all night and kept blowing pieces of hair onto my face....which I kept thinking was bugs crawling on my face.  I finally ended up getting some sleep and when I woke up the next morning... I only found one tiny worm that had fallen off the tree above us onto my face that I had smashed. :)

Oh....and the boys slept GREAT in the hammocks!!  In fact Jake just kept on sleeping as we ate a delicious Mountain House breakfast of biscuits and gravy....a new favorite for us(when it comes to freeze dried breakfasts), actually it is second to the Mountain House breakfast skillet(which we accidentally left at home).  So....Jake got a packet of oatmeal when he finally woke up.

After we ate and cleaned up, we decided that we were going to hike to Beaver Falls.  This meant that we had to hike back down to Mooney first.  It wasn't quite as scary going down the second time. 

We got behind a large group heading down to Mooney it took us a LONG time to get down....a lot of waiting.

 Hunter hanging out in one of the caves waiting to move down a little closer to the base of Mooney.

Hunter and Jake....still waiting.
We finally made it down and started hiking toward Beaver Falls. 
On the map we got from the village, it said that Beaver Falls is a 2 mile hike from Mooney Falls.  While we were on the trail someone told us it is 3 miles.  Online we read 4 felt like 8 miles, so it probably was only 2 :)  Next time I am going to take my Garmin, so I can see how many miles it really is.  I'm sure it depends on the trail you many extra times you cross the water :)....ect.  
I wish I would have taken more pictures of the hike.  There were a lot of times that you go up and down...with few ladders thrown in.  It was quite the adventure!
Second attempt at a selfie :)  On the trail to Beaver Falls.
Hunter and Jake on the trail. 

Check out the beam of sunlight.
It was SO beautiful hiking with the canyon walls on each side.  There were SO many vines!!  We are thinking they might be wild grapes.  We saw some clusters on them that looked like tiny baby grapes....but we don't know for sure.
We finally made it to Beaver Falls.  We were hot and couldn't wait to get into the water!! 
Ryan adding more air to his tube.
I didn't take enough pictures at Beaver Falls.  I took a few and Hunter took a few and then we put the camera away and enjoyed the water.

Ryan cooling off in the falls.
Ryan, Jake and Hunter all did a little cliff jumping up at the top pool, but I didn't get any pictures of that.  I don't know how we got pictures without a bunch of other people in them.  There were actually quite a few people at Beaver Falls.
After we left Beaver Falls we stopped at some smaller falls that Jake had spotted on the hike in.  We played there for awhile.  It was great, we had it all to ourselves.
Jake and Hunter having a moss fight.
Jake was our 'guide' on the way back to Mooney and somehow as we were getting close, we found ourselves on some random trail....we got off the main trail somehow.  We ended up at the little waterfall below.

Such a cool little spot.
I'm actually really glad we got off track somehow...because this little spot was really cool!!  Our 'guide' wanted us to hike up the side of the waterfall and get back to a trail that we saw up there, but we decided to just hike up the creek(Havasu creek is bigger than any creek I've ever seen!) since we could see Mooney from where we were.
The hike out seemed a lot shorter than the hike in.  Might have been because we didn't stop at every waterfall we saw thinking..."Is this Beaver Falls?"
We played at Mooney Falls for awhile again.
Ryan and Hunter at the rope swing.

Hunter doing the rope swing.

The three boys swimming by the falls.

The three boys did some more cliff jumping at Mooney.
When we got back to camp we were all pretty tired.  The rest of the day we stayed close to camp.  We played in the creek, played cards, ate, walked to the spring to fill up all of our water, and started getting ready to hike out the next morning.
Just hanging out at camp.
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