Monday, February 8, 2016

What we ate....Menu #5

This week was one of those weeks....I just didn't really feel like cooking, ever.  I did cook, but most nights it was a struggle.

Monday:  Black beans, rice, chips, avocado and salsa

Tuesday:  Mexican kids ask for this almost every night now, so it might be on the menu again next week :)

Wednesday:  Leftovers or cold cereal
Thursday:  Pasta with alfredo, grilled chicken and roasted asparagus

Friday:  Stuffed Shells and garlic bread (found the stuffed shells in the freezer from a few months ago and luckily they weren't freezer burnt!  I had a couple of homemade bread bowls left over from last week, so I sliced, buttered, garlic salted them and put them in the oven to toast.)
Sunday:  Taquitos, Queso, chips, salsa with avocado....and homemade ice cream

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